4 Things Trump Can Do Next After Finally Leaving The White House

Spoiler: none of them are “stage a coup”

Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash

He may not be quite ready to accept it, but Donald Trump is a one term president, having lost the 2020 election to the Democrat former Vice-President Joe Biden.

Since the result was called Trump has mainly been tweeting misinformation in all caps and golfing. Honestly not that different from his pre-election style of governing. But in keeping with a norm-flouting presidency he has refused to concede (along with many of his Republican colleagues) and is not cooperating with the Biden-Harris transition team. None of that is officially required, of course, it’s just the normal, expected behaviour of an outgoing president.

When he finally accepts the result — or is thrown out of the White House by the secret service in January, Jazzy Jeff on the Fresh Prince style — what will Trump do next? Here are four suggestions.

Run again in 2024

According to reports this idea has already been floated by Trump and his advisors. Despite being surprised as anyone by his shock 2016 win, he seems to have gotten a taste for White House life. If he has to give it up now, he wants it back in 4 years.

And honestly? Trump won’t have to change his life too much. He can golf and run his business in between tweeting criticisms of Biden and calling into Fox News for rambling, fifteen minute diatribes before gearing for another presidential run. The obsessive, cult of personality nature of much of his fanbase means he’ll have a good chance to blow any Republican contenders for the nomination out of the water.

Help One of His Kids Run

Trump will be 78 in four years time and who knows what the state of his health and mental faculties will be by then — his brain isn’t exactly razor sharp now, is it?

But even if he is in a fit state to run, he may not fancy the hassle of the presidency as he drifts into his eighties. What he might like the sound of, though, is a Kennedy or Bush-esque political dynasty for the Trumps. To that end he could support a 2024 run for one of the Trump children instead of himself.

Favoured child Ivanka would surely be the favourite here, and she can also claim some experience of politics having spent four years trousering a huge salary for a nebulous “advisor” role in the White House.

If not, Don Jr would be a likely alternative, he’s already popular with Trump’s Republican base and his meme posting, misinformation-tweeting online persona mirrors his father’s.

Donald would still have a role, either in an unofficial “power behind the throne” capacity or as an advisor, as Ivanka is now. Or maybe he can head up the Space Force.

Start his own TV Channel

A Trump branded media empire was mooted as the outcome had Trump lost in 2016, and still seems like a viable option now.

His obsessive base have already shown their willingness to attend super-spreader rallies, marches against the result of a democratic election and donate money to a “legal fund” that actually just pays off Trump’s own mountainous debt. Why wouldn’t they watch Trump TV?

Trump already has a grudge against Fox News for daring not to deify him round the clock, so trying to beat them at their own game makes sense for a man known to be a petty score-settler.

But setting up a new television network takes time, expertise and, frankly, money that Trump does not have. Instead why he might do is start an online channel funded by subscriptions. He’d still be going up against Fox, who have their own digital subscription offering, but his main competitors for online conservative content would be Infowars, Breitbart and goatee guys with wraparound sunglasses shouting from trucks on YouTube.

Be a Stand-up Comedian

OK, so Trump has never technically told a joke. He often claims to have been being sarcastic when a comment goes over badly, but he’s used that excuse in so many different situations that it’s clear he doesn’t know what sarcasm is.

Actually, now that I think of it, has Trump ever laughed? Like, has he ever genuinely expressed joy? Is he capable of it?

Anyway. So Trump isn’t very funny. Plenty of comedians haven’t let that stop them, so why should he? And insult comedy is still a thing, right?

I can imagine plenty of MAGA-obsessives paying good money to watch a stooping, trademark long red tie dragging on the floor, slowly stalk across a comedy club stage, calling members of the audience fat and criticising the appearance of any female fans, and demanding any hecklers get beaten up.

Navigating parenting with a disability and trying to write a novel. Email: davefox990@hotmail.com

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