The challenges and triumphs of parenting while disabled. Email:

Let’s stop pretending we have a connection with celebrities beyond the transactional.

Photo by Kane Reinholdtsen on Unsplash

I like John Mulaney. Although I should probably rephrase that: I like John Mulaney’s comedy. I like his persona, I like the version of himself he presents at the microphone. Because I don’t know John Mulaney the real person. The same goes for most of his fans. He’s someone we…

Giving your kids the connection they crave doesn’t have to be difficult. Washing the dishes together helped me reconnect with my daughter.

Photo by Harry Grout on Unsplash

It had been one of those Sundays. The weather outside miserable and grey, reflecting my own, a strange anxious irritability. There was no particular reason for it, beyond perhaps the general background tiredness that every parent of a toddler knows is just part of their life. …

David Fox

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