Don’t Give Up On Your Resolutions — Even If You’ve Slipped Up Already

Keep going even if you’re failing

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Today is the start of the first full week of January 2020.

How are your resolutions looking? Hopefully, they are still going strong. Or maybe, like mine, they are already a little dog-eared.

Most of my new year resolutions are writing-related, full of hope and good intentions. I bought a bullet journal to start in January (more on that another time) to keep me accountable and wrote my goals in it.

I did not want to aim for anything too outlandish. No “I will publish my book in 2020” or anything like that. Instead, my main resolution was a small one; simple, easy to stick to.

Or so I thought.

It was: write at least 100 words every day of the novel I’m working on.

There were other resolutions, too, aimed at reading more and pitching for freelance work, but that was the most important one. Even if I hit just the bare minimum of 100 words every day, I would end the year with a story of 36,500 words. I hoped for more — the idea being 100 was a minimum, a reachable goal even when I was so busy all I could do was tap out a few rushed paragraphs on my phone.

I hit it on the first. Just over, in fact. And again on the second. On the third of January, though, I wrote nothing.

It disheartened me. Three days into the new year and I had already slipped up. Not only that, I’d slipped up with a resolution designed to be easy to do. A resolution designed knowing that I have little free time and that I’m a word-class procrastinator with the free time I have.

It would have been easy to give up. To write off 2020 already and do what I always do: convince myself that next year will be the year I work towards my dreams.

But I didn’t. I chastised myself for the missed day and got back to it. Over the weekend of the third and fourth, I went over and above my 100 words, and in doing so made up for the lost day.

If you’re in the same boat and have found yourself slipped back into old (bad) habits, don’t fret. Change is hard. But you can stumble along your path and keep going.

One bad day need not spoil your whole year.

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