It’s Time To Delete My Social Media Apps — You Should Too

Let’s face it, we don’t need them

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How often do you check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or your other social media app of choice?



More often than that?

I find my finger hovering over the Facebook logo on my phone all the time. I click it like a reflex whenever I have downtime.

I check it in my car if I have some time to kill before work.

I check it on my lunch break.

I check in my car, again, after work before heading home.

Most of the time I don’t even know why. I’m not looking for anything in particular.

Maybe I’ll get something out of it. Maybe a friend will have some big news (though it’s unlikely; I would already know if it’s a close friend, and if it isn’t I’m unlikely to be very bothered), or I’ll see a good article or a funny meme.

Most of the time I’ll scroll listlessly for a few minutes, maybe “like” a few posts and close the app down having achieved precisely nothing of value.

And I’ll repeat that at various points in the day.

The question is: why?

I have reasons for keeping Facebook around: mainly for keeping in touch with — or at least being aware of — friends and family scattered around the globe. But I might get the odd glimpse into their lives, my feed is mainly full of posts from people I’m not that interested in or whose names I genuinely don’t recognise.

There are things that liven it up — funny tag groups and pictures of people’s pets — but I don’t need it.

I have plans to be more productive in the new year and Facebook is a time suck. So is Twitter, albeit less so.

But I’m not quitting entirely. Instead, I’ll just delete the apps from my phone. If I can’t get on with one absent-minded tap then I’m much less likely to do so. Having to grab my geriatric, heavy-duty laptop and sit through it’s wheezy ten-minute bootup process to get on Facebook means I’ll only do it rarely — or when I really need to.

What will I do with the time I recover from the endless scroll? Hopefully more writing and reading, or just more thinking. Maybe you could benefit from deleting those social media apps too.

Join me. Reclaim your time.

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