We Don’t Care About Your Earnings

And no, you can’t teach us how to earn hundreds of dollars a month.

Photo by Pepi Stojanovski on Unsplash

There’s a trend on Medium these days to write about the money you’ve made. Either as a classic humble brag (“oh my god, I can’t believe how much money someone like me has made!”) or the humble brag disguised as a how-to guide (“I made X dollars on Medium this month, here’s how you can too!”).

Hey, look, I’m glad that writers are making money, big numbers or small. I’m one of them myself, though not among the biggest earners. We should celebrate any website that allows writers to make money in a world that seems ever-demanding of free content from creatives.

But, honestly, do we have to celebrate so often? And so specifically? Do we honestly need monthly articles about how much some writers have earned?

Jenny Justice has already written brilliantly on this, and I implore you to read what she has to say, too.

To be honest, I don’t hate the articles that are pure celebrations. It’s the ones that disguise themselves as useful guides that get my goat.

Writing is hard and often thankless. Celebrate your wins when you get them — but don’t dress up your celebration as a “how-to” guide hoping to get clicks and then offer vague, contradictory advice. Instead, let’s be honest about what we’re doing. Be happy for each other. Lift each other up. Just stop pretending we can teach people to earn $500 every month on Medium.

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David is an author and freelance writer. He has two short story collections available, and his non-fiction work has appeared on The Mighty, WhatCulture and Just Football, among others.

Navigating parenting with a disability and trying to write a novel. Email: davefox990@hotmail.com

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