Website Users Furious Over Change to Thing They Hated

No-one likes change, right?

Photo by Siavash Ghanbari on Unsplash

Users of a popular website were in an uproar this morning after it made a change to a feature most of them didn’t like in the first place.

“I visit the site every day,” said site enthusiast Nick Knickendorf, “but it was really hard to figure out how to show my appreciation for articles I liked. The system really wasn’t intuitive at all. But now they’ve changed it and I’m really annoyed. Yes, it’s objectively better, but this is the internet and I’m obliged to be outraged at every change — even one I wanted.”

Following the change that a lot of users had previously called for, social media is full of people claiming they always loved the old system.

“I loved the old system,” claimed Anna Faranna, a writer on the site. “I mean, sure, I wrote 47 articles last month alone criticising the thing they have now changed, but so what? This change is worse, even though it’s only just happened and I don’t even know what impact it will have yet.”

The people behind the popular website are believed to be relaxed, however, aware that in six months, at the next change, the now-hated new system will be the subject of many emotional articles and eulogistic poetry from people currently claiming to be against it.

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